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Dominican Republic
to Jul 30

Dominican Republic

Quick Facts:

La Romana: 130,000 people; known as the ‘beautiful village,’ it is popular for its beaches and tourist economy. Much of the population is Roman Catholic with a mixture of Spiritism and nominalism.

 % of Evangelical Believers: 23% (Religion in Latin America: Widespread Change in a Historically Catholic Region, November 2014, Pew Research Center)

Primary Religious Views: The majority of Dominicans (57%) identify as Catholic but with very limited understanding of what they believe.

 Dominican Republic does not require a visa but you will need a passport

Work while there: Working with a local church planter, Mr. Gilberto. We will be prayer-walking, sharing the gospel, inviting locals to church services and possibly working with school-age and university students.

Cost of the Trip:

Tickets: $570
Food/Lodging: $530.00
Travel: $50
Insurance: $50
Translators: $200
Total: appx $1,400

Application Deadline:  March 31

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to Jun 28


Quick Facts

Takasaki, Japan: 450,000 people including surrounding areas. Takasaki is famous for its giant Buddhist statue of Kannon (Buddhist goddess of mercy) and is also famous as the hometown of Daruma dolls, which are Buddhist ‘good luck’ charms. Takasaki is about 75 miles from Tokyo but has a much slower pace of life and is actually regarded as rural by Japanese standards.

% of Evangelical Believers: 0.58%

Primary Religious Views: Most Japanese individuals are either Buddhist or Shinto, while many mix the practices of the two together. Christians represent a very small slice of the population, and available statistics on the number often include cults and non-evangelic groups.

Japan does not require a visa but you will need a passport

Work while there: Working with local missionaries on college campuses and around the city; English outreaches – sharing testimonies; assisting local churches, opportunities for sports ministry.

Watch this video to see how God moved on last year's trip to Japan.

Cost of the Trip:

Tickets: $1,500
Food: $180
Lodging: $350
Travel: $100
Insurance: $34
Total: appx $2,164

 Application Deadline: March 17

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