The first step is attending our Starting Point.


“Foundation” is the next step after our Membership Class. It is a small group lasting for 5 weeks, designed to introduce new members to each other and to group life in the church. This group will be lead by a staff member of the church or someone who has already gone through the group themselves. Our Foundation course is a requirement to becoming a member.

NEXT COURSE (Optional)

“Next” is a study following a “Foundation” group consisting of the same members. The purpose is to offer a continuation for the Foundation group and offer a transition into becoming a life group. The study will be a 6-8 week DVD driven lesson located off campus, preferably in a group member’s home. The host does not have to be the primary facilitator, but both the facilitator and host will be chosen from within the group. At the end of this study the group can then pray and decide whether they would like to disband or continue on as a life group. Our Next course is not currently a requirement to becoming a member.



A Life Group at Word is a group of people growing in Christ by learning the Bible, living life together and developing leaders with a heart for multiplication. Life Groups meet weekly at different locations for about an hour-and-a-half, and they meet on different days throughout the week. Opportunities to serve in this ministry would consist of either being a Life group Facilitator or a Life Group host. The Facilitator is responsible for facilitating the discussion, application, prayer and fellowship for the group. The Host is responsible for opening up their home or making arrangements for a location for fellowships, meetings, and events.