A Life Group at Word is a group of people growing in Christ by learning the Bible, living life together and developing leaders with a heart for multiplication.

Life Groups meet weekly, at different locations, for about an hour-and-a-half, on different days throughout the week.



Opportunities to serve in this ministry consist of either being a Life group Facilitator or a Life Group host. The Facilitator is responsible for facilitating the discussion, application, prayer and fellowship of a Life Group. The Host is responsible for opening up their home or making arrangements for a location for fellowships, meetings, and events.


Why should I be in a Life Group?

We are not created to be “Lone Ranger Christians.” In fact, the Christian life is meant to be lived out as the Body of Christ. We are a community of believers. Much of what we are commanded to do as believers (love one another, practice hospitality, share, carry one another’s burdens, sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron, spur one another on to love and good deeds, have unity, etc.) cannot be done alone or just during the Sunday morning service.

What do you do in a Life Group?

While each Life Group is unique because of the dynamic each person brings to that group, there are things each Life Group does during their regular meetings. There is a time of fellowship, a time for Scripture reading, Bible study, application of God’s Word, prayer and planning together as a group. Life Groups also serve together through community outreach and are the teams that make our events happen.

How long do Life Group meetings last?

The Life Group meetings usually last 1 and a half hours.  

Do you have female only Life Groups?

Yes, we do. Though we recommend blended groups for most people and for married couples to grow in groups together, we also understand sometimes life stages and circumstances can make a gender specific group the best option for an individual.

We also know that sometimes men need to talk through life issues and biblical application with other men, and the same for women. That is why we have Word Men & Word Women to help foster these relationships within the church. Though these ministries are not life groups, they provide another opportunity to grow in community and in Christ.

How are the Life Groups arranged? Is there a singles Life Group, a young married Life Group, and a family oriented Life Group, etc.?

Though most of our groups are coed and include various stages of life, there are a few groups that meet that are more specific. We believe that there is a great wealth of wisdom and mutual encouragement when singles, young marrieds, parents and grandparents are in a group together. Instead of each of us trying to figure things out with our peers, we can learn from those who have gone before us. Younger believers often have a passion and zeal for the Lord that is highly contagious. As members of God’s family, we each have a role in one another’s lives. We are to share God’s truth and to spur one another on.

Do I have to stay in the group I visit?

No. We know that different people feel more comfortable and open in different groups. We recommend visiting a few groups to see which one feels more suited for you and your family.

What if my work schedule doesn’t permit me to be consistent in a Life Group?

We know that sometimes work schedules change from week to week. That’s why we try to offer Life Groups at different times, on different days and in different locations.

Is Wednesday night Bible study considered a Life Group?

No. Wednesday night Bible study at the church is an in-depth study where we will look at a particular topic (marriage, cults, the Holy Spirit, joy, freedom, prayer, evangelism, etc.), but it is not a Life Group. While there will be some similarities and you will get to know others during your table discussion time, the fellowship and life-on-life interaction you get in a Life Group isn’t present in a once-a-week Bible study. Get more info on Wednesday's at Word here >>

Can I start a Life Group?

If you are interested in starting a Life Group contact wbowen@wordbaptist.com. We will walk you through how to start one, who can start one, what a Life Group is, the nuts and bolts of leading and we will provide continual follow up to answer any questions once you get started.

What is a Host Home?

A host home is a home that is used for a group to meet in each week. Just because you want to let your group use your home, doesn't mean you have to be the one facilitating the Life Group.

Why don't any Life Groups meet at church?

While we do have some Life Groups that meet Sunday morning at the church, most of our groups meet off campus. First, because we do not have enough space to host the groups here at church. Second, because we believe people become a little more transparent when they are meeting in someone’s home as opposed to a church building. And third, because we believe hospitality and fellowship are an important part of the Christian life. While we can do that here at church to some extent, being in someone’s home or in a designated third space fosters that much better.

Is childcare provided?

We don't supply childcare. We do have some creative ideas for you to try that can be a very positive experience.

  • As a group pitch in money to hire a sitter

  • If small group members live in the same neighborhood, drop the kids off at the other house with a parent or sitter.

  • Rotate a parent with the kids in a different room of your house each week. (Have that parent provide a lesson, craft or teach the kids a skit on a Bible story. Have the kids present their skit or craft to the entire small group near the end of the meeting.)

  • Once a month, do a family wide pot luck for all family members to be with their kids.

Do you have to be a member to be a part of life group?

No, you do not have to be a member to a part of life group. Everyone is invited to attend! However, you do need to be a part of a life group if you are a member.

What do groups study?

We primarily go through sermon based studies during life groups. We recognize that there is not enough time during a Sunday sermon to go through every detail that passage of scripture contains. During life group, we dig a little deeper into the text and provide an opportunity to ask questions about what it means for your life. We walk through how to apply what we have been learning. Also, we will highlight a different country each week to pray for that nation and its people. You can find the discussion questions on the back of the “Weekly Word” handout each Sunday morning.

What days do Life Groups meet on?

We offer life groups throughout the week in different locations. You can use our life group browser to locate one that works for you.